About us

Neeraj Essential Oil

We bring to you the natural treasures of our age old traditons, refined and pure to give you its natural health & goodness.

These oils are natural and have been a part of our daily utility for ages and are to this day effectively used.

We are the largest supplier of these oils for many decades all over India and are known for our quality and commitment in this trade.

Our products are assured for its quality and its natural frangances.

Quality and certificates

We care about the quality of what we put out in the market. It’s important to us to subject our products to a series of rigorous tests…

Best price guarantee

There’s only one way to make sure our price is right: by comparing our products to similar products available on the market.

Logistics and delivery

After an order is placed, the time required for it to be sent ranges between just 2 and 16 hours.